About Kingston

Incredible Location

Located in the scenic Thousand Islands, Kingston is a 2-½ hour drive from Canada's two largest markets, Toronto, and Montreal and is only a 2-hour drive to Ottawa and Syracuse, New York. Kingston offers the advantages of a sophisticated city combined with the simple pleasures of a small-town lifestyle.

A Livable City

Experience big city benefits with the amazing feeling of building your home in our safe, beautiful neighbourhoods. Welcome to our home, where expanding industry in the knowledge based and high-tech sectors are matched against the backdrop of a vibrant downtown that is on the waterfront. Kingston shares a proud heritage and urban landscape that connects us as much with the history of Canada as it does to our great future.

Beautiful. Historic. Dynamic.

Under an extensive canopy of urban amenities — including theatre and the arts, a thriving local music scene, diverse nightlife, incredible waterfront and outdoor recreation — Kingston also boasts an exceptional range of educational and health facilities for a city our size. Three hospitals, five post-secondary institutions including Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada, three school boards, and more than twelve other private and specialty schools are ready to serve you.