First Time Buyer Tips

Still a good deal: Kingston Real Estate. Compared to many other Canadian cities, Kingston real estate is still reasonably priced. but with a waterfront setting other cities can only dream of, a central location along our country's wealthiest business corridor and one of the best downtowns in Canada, one might wonder for how long?

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1st time buyers need guidance during a real estate transaction, to insure that they understand the process and do not become overwhelmed. In order to prepare 1st time homebuyers and buyers relocating to Kingston, I have provided several links to help you get the information that you need. This will help you have a successful and stress free experience!

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Home buying Step by Step

Canadian Real Estate Association Statistics - Kingston

Royal Bank Mortgage Centre

Kingston Street Map

Kingston Area Information

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Establish Your Housing Needs First

Location - Urban Living vs. The Suburbs

Urban living offers a larger range in home styles and is often closer to amenities such as restaurants, shopping and entertainment. However, you may get more square footage for your money in the suburbs.


Bungalow, single-family detached, semi-detached, duplex, townhouse, condo

New Home vs. Resale

With new homes you may be able to choose certain upgrades such as flooring, cabinets, and siding. The latest building code, electrical and energy-efficiency standards will apply. A builder warranty is usually available. However, there may be construction noise in the area, amenities may not be established in such a new development and GST applies to new housing. -Resale homes are generally in established neighbourhoods with landscaping completed. They may already have upgrades such as a finished basement or swimming pool. GST does not apply unless substantial renovations have occurred. However, maintenance costs may be higher compared to a new home. Resale homes may require a home inspection and you may need to redecorate or renovate.


Your maximum home price depends on your gross household income, your down payment and the mortgage interest rate. Contact a lender in your area to understand these variables and examine all of your options.

(Source: CMHC Homebuyers Guide)